Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Hello! Welcome to my website. I am Steve and I can’t wait to share with you all my upcoming books in the Tom Tyler Series. The first book in the series, As the Sparks Fly Upwards, is due to be released in autumn this year.

I was born in Kennington, London, and grew up in Sandhurst, Berkshire. I’ve been fortunate to have lived all over the UK as well as in Germany (when it was West Germany), Cameroon and the Solomon Islands, but it was when I settled in Poole, Dorset, that the story of my hero Tom Tyler started to come alive. I have now lived in Dorset for 25 years, and the amazing countryside is unbeatable.

I’ve always been interested in history and as I learnt about Poole’s past I became fascinated with what happened in this part of the country during the English Civil Wars in the 17th Century. No major battles happened here, but what adventure and intrigue there was. It seemed to me that there were some really good stories to share and to create about that time.

My first novel, As the Sparks Fly Upwards, starts with Tom losing everything. He loses his family, job, and home, and is cast out into the middle of the war, in the middle of winter. He ends up on a journey to try to rebuild his life, but first he has to learn to stay alive, and he can’t do that alone.

I have previously published ‘Urban Trees: A Practical Management Guide’, written using my extensive 40 year experience in the arboricultural industry. I now run an arboricultural consultancy company, and continue to write in my spare time.

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