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Steve is the managing director of Treecall Consulting Ltd and has over 40 years’ experience of dealing with trees. He has worked in England, Scotland, Germany, Africa and the Pacific. Before starting Treecall nearly 20 years ago Steve was the senior tree officer for Poole. Steve is a professional member of the Institute for Chartered Foresters and the Arboricultural Association and is a registered consultant with both organisations. He has degrees in forestry and land-use from Aberdeen University and Oxford University and he holds the Professional Diploma in Arboriculture, from the Royal Forestry Society.

Urban Trees - A Practical Management Guide

Towns and cities are where most of us live, work and play, and although we recognize the value of the trees standing on the corner, or in the park, or framing the cathedral, most of us are unaware that they are a vital part of our urban life-support system. This invaluable, well-illustrated book, which is written by an expert arboriculturalist, is essential reading for all those who wish to discover why trees are present in our population centres, how urban life in Britain has engulfed them in the last 200 years, why life is so difficult for urban trees, what their role is, and how we should care for them and include them in our urban future.

  • Discusses what trees do for us, and traces the development of urban trees in Britain.

  • Considers all aspects of the damaging impact of urban conditions on trees.

  • Examines urban tree management with reference to basic principles, planning tools, species selection, and site evaluation and modification.

  • Analyses the planting of trees in towns and cities, pruning methods, the establishment and maintenance of urban trees, and inspection, monitoring and assessment procedures.

  • Covers tree management on streets and highways, parks, woods and other public locations, as well as in private places including homes, offices, factories, and wildlife conservation sites.

  • Summarizes the law in the United Kingdom as it relates to trees.

  • Briefly outlines the impact of climate change on trees in urban areas and on arboriculture in general.


A very good book for beginners or people interested in the trees around them. I bought this book as I'm looking to pursue a career in arboriculture and it was very informative without been overwhelming for a newbie.

Adam Worboys, Amazon Customer Review

There are many books available today, some of which aren't cheap, which cover merely the benefits of trees, urban forests, how trees grow, the history of our towns and trees, planning urban green spaces and planting and establishment. This practical management guide brings all these areas together, into one book. The writing style is clear and direct and the book contains some stunning colour photographs. This book is a must have for anyone who manages trees in towns and cities today, students in arboriculture, and anyone who has an interest in trees.

A. Luddington, Amazon Customer Review